The alone Autumn leaf

The Autumn leaf hanging  by the old autumn tree, The sun wiving goodbye to the old ancient tree and the hanging autumn leaf, The sun was beautiful as a diamond dancing thore the sky’s, The old a shine tree waited till is time,

The leaf was dreadful, The old ancient tree don’t swirl  the cold wind.

My water full eyes saw a beautiful sight, The Sunrise time for the leaf to go away were I was born, The autumn leaf brothers and sisters are waiting, staying.

I’m gone now good bye my old ancient friend , I’m swirling, I’m flying, I’m going somewhere ‘ says joyful leaf, The freezing cold wind Sartell down the Autumn leaf down  a class of his brother and sisters.

Sailing the 2ed day

We buck at lake Eppalock and we all yelling YEA!!!!! When we got there is the same some thing at my last blog sailing day 1 so you know about class and that where we want and that.

Start Again: We go and start the games out doors, we play captine says of corse and we got little bit harder. when some people steel in and we want all out I don’t know how, Nappie the baby game that is embers but you where a life jaket on you’re rum and be a baby you can run ,well you know  roll  and run buck is funny vary funny 😀  I think that’s it.

Class Time: We want into class and sit with our homework and do spot the diffent when we done we contine our cross-word and then we doing some tie boats and I try at lass.

Sailing: Yes sailing time and I got my spare shoes and t-shirt well that’s good and I got to hold the rope is was boring. ather for a wheal I got to turn the boat and ather a wheal we change  and got to go out and we want fast as well the fun was is to let our boat sink well we tip it over I keep on forget what the name is. Well flp it over and it like a bobble bath funny.

good bye we wont come buck again sad I start to like this place bye. V_V

Sailing day 1

lake Eppalock club: Will of the 3s 4s 5s and 6s travil to lake Eppalock on bus’s . When we got to lake Eppalock we want to a club near the lake when we got there we want to put our bags on tables and put sun cream we got grups well our class all the 5s 6s want diffity class.

Start the games: We play opturporse , capture says it like simon says but with privet say. The funny one is capture says capture girlfriend and we say woo hoo , cauch the baking is like number when someone teach you get no points. we done our games now class well food water first then class.

Well class time: Is like the same but is got longer tables and we keen see where the teacher is and we don’t move. we lern about the names of the ship and what we do when we sailing and we got a work sheet with diffet and we got diffet games and cross words is was fun and hard super hard.

Sailing Time: well we got our bather’s on and our spare shoes are on we want down the lake were we sailing the bout is was small is can fit only 2 people. I was cilled and auther that we want buck to school well is a bad day and a good day.


The Ultimate playground

imageIn school were making playgrounds for our new school. Mess smith and Kobe our guest help ours to designs, the playground. We’re making them with sample Machines.

We making them well they look good all of them and we all hope that the playground look good in our new school.

Chinese New Year

People all around the world are celebrating the start of the of Lunar New Year. It’s a really important time for people in China and other East Asian countries and for a lot of people here in Australia.       

go to four a video

Pan Pancakes Day

Today is pancake day yol and is be yumme. with suffings on top pancake. our teacher making them, cool:) but I can’t shake it:( 

Let see what happing on pancake day.

Work in 4/5 S

In class we doing the class crossword with 24 students we all link in with names like Belle with Ben Ned and Dan.

The wondering wall we wonder what happin or what if or what out there in space and what if going to be wondering wall is it make you wonder.






Australia Day

On Australia Day I feel Pride of this country , having food on the table with family, playing with friends in the summer, family cooking on the BBQ the small of the food on the BBQ.

On my Australia Day we have a birthday on Australia day some people came I made some food to. The car porch fill with Australia things I were Australia face print and shards on. we sing birthday song happy birthday little bother

At night I saw fireworks they were cool and amsome.